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    ? Myrzik & Jarisch

    Options for students at Munich Re in Germany

    Why wait to get real-world experience? Gain insights into the world of reinsurance and explore career options, all while continuing your studies.

    Opening doors and horizons

    The?great?thing about stepping into the working world is applying what you know in theory to solving real-life problems. At Munich Re, you have many opportunities to do just that – as an intern, a?working student,?thesis student?and?articled clerk.

    Do you know what the FIFA World Cup and the new World Trade?Center?have in common? We insure both. We help?turn?the world's most ambitious projects?into?reality. Our teams?of experts assess?the?risks in advance and?use?our?unique resources?to?minimize?their impact.?Getting involved?in this varied and challenging?environment?during your studies is worth it.?It introduces?you?to the world of reinsurance?–?and your career?options.??

    Internship – Get experience in a real job environment

    Portrait two students
    ? Myrzik & Jarisch
    You want more than just?a class-room experience??Interning with us?not only?provides you with?work?experience?but?insight into?all areas of reinsurance, both nationally and internationally.?You can join us from your very first semester to participate in exciting projects in reinsurance and alongside our mixed teams of experts?or?in our?central divisions.?And, if you enjoy the experience – your?first internship opens?the?doors to future assignments?at Munich Re.

    Thesis student – Graduate smoothly into your career

    Would you like to cover a topic?directly related to the world of economics?while?attracting?potential employers with your practical knowledge??Join Munich Re as a thesis student.?We are the right partner – whether you are working on a bachelor’s, diploma or master’s thesis.?We offer expert know-how,?tailored?support?and insights.?

    You can apply any time.?Placements for thesis students vary in duration?depending on your topic and requirements.?The average is?three?to six months.?When you send in your?application, comprising?cover?letter, credentials?and?curriculum vitae, add?a brief presentation of your topic?and how?it relates to our company.

    What?are?we looking?for?
    Ideally, you will have already interned with Munich Re and come across an interesting topic during your stay with us. You can discuss the details of such a thesis topic with your professor, before you approach us. That said, we?are, of course, open to any compelling thesis topic relevant to our business. You haven’t come up with an idea of your own yet??Check?our?online job board?– our sites across 30+ countries?advertise openings for thesis students.

    Legal Traineeship – Lay the foundation for a successful career as a commercial or corporate lawyer

    employees in meeting room
    ? Myrzik & Jarisch

    You have?completed?– or are about to complete –?your?first state examination?in Germany?and are now?looking for a?post-graduate?clerkship?or legal traineeship??Join us?and?cut your teeth on?the?exceptionally varied?legal?problems?at a leading reinsurance company?serving a global clientele.

    As an articled clerk or legal trainee at Munich Re, you have the opportunity work in business law, tax law, labour law and social law. Both our legal and our claims department as well as teams working in mergers and acquisitions, taxes, human resources and corporate underwriting look forward to working with you. Naturally, your efforts will be rewarded.

    What we look for in a successful candidate??
    You have completed your?first?state exam?in Germany?with a satisfactory?– or above satisfactory – grade.?In your course work, you?specialised in?company?law,?business?and/or social law. Your communication and interpersonal skills make you?a people person?who?works?well with others.?An?inclusive mindset lets you thrive in mixed teams.?With sharp?analytical skills?and critical thinking, you connect the dots and come up with workable solutions.?

    Are we a match?

    Are you ready to apply your knowledge to exciting challenges??Jumpstart?your career. Explore?the great?options?available to you?at?Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers.

    Get in touch

    Munich Re Group operates in 50+ countries, with a global workforce of over 41,000 people. 12,000 of our people work in reinsurance alone. Curious about us? We’d love to hear from you.
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