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    ? Myrzik & Jarisch

    Areas of expertise

    Specialists from backgrounds as diverse as engineering, data science, investment banking, law and meteorology team up at Munich Re to turn risk into opportunity.

    Experts from 80+ disciplines build risk solutions for today and tomorrow

    You’re an economist, a lawyer, graduated with a degree in mathematics or have built a career in engineering? You’ve come to the right place.

    The?secret to our?continued?success as one of the world’s leading reinsurers:?we?build great teams.?Our?teams are not only mixed in terms of expertise but in?composition?as well?–?age, gender, ethnicity?and career histories.?The?members?of our?power?teams bridge?cultures,?continents?and?nationalities,?enriching?and?enhancing?each other’s?work experience.

    Difference is an asset. It fuels creative exchange, innovation and performance. Simply?put:?it makes you better at your job and work more satisfying.

    Munich Re Datathon 2018
    What can young data scientists do with an exclusive set of Munich Re climate data on a 48-hour deadline? View the video to find out!

    Meet the people who turn technology into change

    Turn technology into change
    ? Jana Gumprecht / Munich Re
    Engineers at Munich Re
    Experienced engineers at Munich Re enable complex industry projects and new technologies with technical expertise and risk know-how
    At Munich Re, lateral career entry is not an exception, it’s the rule – and a unique opportunity. Engineers who join us come from a wide range of disciplines. What they have in common: experience in the field and openness to a change in perspective. To smooth the way into a new career, specialised expertise in underwriting or claims management is available through our global induction programme, the Engineering Pool.

    Unlock your potential with us

    No matter whether you’re a?seasoned professional or just starting out, there?are?countless?roles?at?Munich?Re’s?global network?to take your talent to the top.?A collaborative approach and?abundant?career development opportunities?give you space and flexibility to grow your career?in your chosen?profession.

    Underwriters communicate our risk appetite

    Turn expertise into excellence
    ? Jana Gumprecht / Munich Re
    As an underwriter?in industrial?insurance or reinsurance at Munich Re, you thrive on variety and challenge. You feel at home in multicultural and multinational environments and?global?teams.?Your strengths and preferences guide your career path, whether you?assess complex single risks, reinsure rocket launches, or create risk transfer solutions in product innovation.

    Are we a match?

    You are a team player who takes ownership, a professional passionate about your chosen field. You have integrity and a curious mind? We’d love to meet you.?

    Get in touch

    Munich Re?(Group)?operates in 50+ countries, with a global workforce of over 41,000 people. 12,000 team members alone work in reinsurance. Find out who we are and what we stand for.?Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to hear from you.?
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